Client Love

What I like most about working with Erica is her vast knowledge that is displayed when she asks you follow-up questions that give you a new perspective on the situation. One of the biggest breakthroughs that I got from working with Erica is that YOU have the power to manifest the life that you want. Three words that describe Erica are positive, understanding and happy. If someone were looking to work with Erica, I’d tell them to be ready to deal with their truth. But also be ready to create a new one.

~ Sha' Cannon

CEO/Owner @ Sha Cannon Publishing

I absolutely love Erica's enthusiastic attitude! She is a blast, always laughing and cheering me and my family on. Erica showed me that I have a big opportunity to impact my relationship with money and my daughter's relationship with money as well. Erica's coaching, writing and teaching brought up financial blind spots we did not realize we had. She helped us create goals and reach those goals. I would describe Erica as insightful, energetic, and caring. I encourage women seeking financial expertise for themselves and their family to engage Erica and her programs. She will make a positive difference in your journey to financial empowerment.

~ Carla DeRosa,

Rawx Star Health & Wellness Coach

Although I've had breakthrough after breakthrough since I first started working with Erica, my most transformative breakthrough has been really getting that I'm already Fabulous!

I really get that I already possess everything I need within me and I decide what fabulous living looks like for me.  Erica is very authentic, energetic, and free-spirited. From her work ethic to her heart for wanting the very best life for me.

Erica's authenticity allowed me to feel safe and trust her guidance throughout the process. I'm absolutely sure that a huge part of the sense of freedom and success I'm experiencing now is due to Erica's style of coaching. It's not about telling me what I could or should do.

The best way I can say it is that Erica practices what she preaches and she lives the freedom she teaches.


~ Sherall Wingfield

CEO/Joy Echo Fashion & Design